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Branching Questions

Branching Questions

Branching and Skip Logic allows respondents that respond differently to questions to be routed to another sequence of questions.

For example, a patron of a restaurant may be asked about the overall quality of service received during their visit. If they respond that they were "very or extremely satisfied", we would want to branch to ask the question "What was it about this visit that made it so enjoyable to you?" However, if they indicated that the visit was less than satisfactory, we would want to ask the question "What could have been done to make your visit more enjoyable?"

Branching is accomplished using Boolean logic statements of the form:
If the answer on question 3 is answer choice 1, skip to question 5, Otherwise continue to question 4.

Note that you can only skip forward and not backward. This means that a survey with branching must be carefully charted out. Furthermore, all of your questions must be in their final order before the branching pattern is implemented. It is best to flowchart questions and order them so that you can branch through them.

Conditional Branching occurs only if the condition is met. An example of conditional branching is the statement:
"If the answer to question (3) is greater than 2, then Branch or Skip to Question (5)"

Unconditional Branching occurs as a direct statement with no conditions. Unconditional statements can be inserted for text questions or at the end of a branch path to bring the respondent back to a point in the main questionnaire.

In the following example we see the drop down menus that appear with each answer. The drop down menu contains a list of every question that follows (but none previous since you can't branch backward).

For example, we want to skip question 14 for renters, but answer question 14 for owners. Below, we specify no branching for owners and branch to marital status (15) for renters.

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